Fake Goth Girls

Ep. 11 - The Feminine Grotesque

November 24, 2022 Episode 11
Fake Goth Girls
Ep. 11 - The Feminine Grotesque
Show Notes

TW: Suicide (lol, we should just rename the podcast to this)

Pokemon and gross, gross girls • Mad about being sick, sick of being mad • Can't trust anyone these days! (Because we're gullible) • Recontextualizing childhood holidays with our shiny new diagnoses  • The girlies that get it • Y'know, punk shit! Like John Oliver!

This Week’s Links: Save Me! (From Myself) by Sonia Lazo • Pinky and Pepper Forever by Eddy Atoms (Full Comic) • Little Tunny's Snail Diaries by Grace Gogarty • Silver Sprocket Drawn & Quarterly • Tastemaker - Joe Lycett's whole thing (Joe And Ginny Lemon Tackle This MENACE In Cornwall | Joe Lycett Changes NAME to Hugo Boss?? | Joe Lycett STORMS OFF live TV show)

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